TSMC Meats The Only Butchers Stocking The Legendary Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef In QLD

A5 Wagyu is legendary in the beef world and it has arrived in our Meats Department! It’s unique genetics help it to produce the most insanely marbled beef on the planet and The Standard Market Company are the sole stockists within QLD!

The Japanese government banished all export of Kuroge Washu DNA and live specimens and have place strict guidelines onto the exporting of the beef.

Why is this beef so special?

Wagyu is just a word that means “Japanese Beef”. There are four breeds of Wagyu cattle that are native to Japan. Of these breeds, there is one that stands out as something truly remarkable: the Kuroge Washu.

Kuroge Washu is unique in the beef world, and in the entire animal kingdom, for its genetic predisposition to developing fine-grained, speckled fat marbling inside the meat itself. It looks like delicate lacework. That incredibly marbled beef has become synonymous with ‘Kobe beef’ and A5 Wagyu.

The eco-system necessary to produce A5 Wagyu, including the gene pool, methods of raising the animals, the feed regimen, the organisations and expertise needed to rate and certify the beef correctly is completely unique to Japan.

SIMPLY PUT: The highest grade of Wagyu gets a rating of A5. Some of it ends up being called Kobe, if it’s from a particular part of Japan.

We will be stocking the Itoham A5 Cherry Blossom Wagyu. Available within all of our stores as of today! Get in quick as this wont last long!