Queen Of The Plums

As its popularity has increased, the reputation of the Queen Garnet plum and its many promised health benefits have been on the lips of fruit enthusiasts.

What is so special about the Queen Garnet?

This fruit has been hailed as a superfood. It is reported to have five times the amount of anthocyanins than a normal plum. The dark purple colour indicated that it is also high in antioxidants.

Bite into one on a sun-soaked afternoon. The juice dribbles a deep purple, sweet as the skin is rich, and bursts with the kinds of nutrients that combat obesity, high blood pressure and fatty liver. Vitamins C and K, along with extremely high levels of anthocyanin make this plum the nutritional winner of purple fruits. Where many plums are tart and leave a bite at the tip of the tongue, the Queen Garnet is a softer, dulcified, aromatic alternative to the sharper-tasting plums of the season.

The fresh fruit is available from late January until early April.

The fruit has been linked to the following health benefits
– Weight loss benefits
– Anti-diabetic effects
– Anti-inflammatory properties
– Cardiovascular health improvement
This soft, sweet fruit is only in season for a few more weeks, so make sure you add them to your weekly grocery list!

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Written by Ebony Graveur

Photo credit to www.nurtafruit.com.au