Persian Feta And Roast Pumpkin Salad

Segreti Persian Feta is currently on special in all 3 stores! 100% Australian Cow’s milk feta Soft and creamy marinated in olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices. Persian Feta cheese never fails to impress!

It might be surprising to most but Persian feta is not from Persia. It is an Australian cheese recipe that takes dried herbs, and extra virgin olive oil to marinate and mellow feta cheese.

Persian Feta can have slight variances in flavour and texture, depending on what type of milk is used (cow, sheep or goat) and where the feta is made.

Persian Feta is the perfect accompaniment to add a touch of luxury to any salad! So make sure you pop into our stores to get your hands on this special while it lasts and try out this recipe!

Ingredients – All which can be found in our 3 stores!

– 1 bunch kale
– ⅓ pumpkin – skin on
– Segreti Persian feta
– 1 pomegranate
– ½ cup pine nuts
– Spices of your choice- coconut, garlic, onion, turmeric, fennel, ginger, pepper, lime, chilli & salt to give you an idea of flavours

For the dressing:

– 1 garlic clove, grated
– 2 tsp Persian feta + use the oil it comes in
– ¼ cup olive oil in total (can just use from the feta or add extra if you need to)
– juice ½ lemon
– 1 tsp honey


  1. Toast the pine nuts in the oven at 160C for about 10 mins. Remove and cool.
  2. De-seed the pomegranate – the best way to do this is to cut it in half (around the middle, not top to bottom), loosen it a little by gently pulling the edges apart, then hold the half in your hand (seeds facing down) over a bowl and tap on the skin with a wooden spoon. The seeds will fall into your hand and through your fingers into the bowl. Keep hitting until the seeds are removed.
  3. Cut the pumpkin into medium sized chunks, leaving the skin on. Toss in oil and sprinkle with the spice mix of your choice!
  4. Roast pumpkin at 180C for about 30-40 mins, turning part way through. Remove once browned and cooked.
  5. Remove the kale from the stems and break into bite sized pieces. ‘Massage’ the leaves as you go – ie rub them in your fingers a little, as this softens the leaves a bit and makes them easier to eat.
  6. For the dressing, mix in a bowl: garlic, olive oil, 2 tsp persian feta, lemon & honey. Add a little water to thin it out if you need to.
  7. To assemble: lay the kale on a platter, place the pumpkin & blobs of feta over it, sprinkle with pomegranate & pine nuts. Drizzle with the dressing