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Kombucha Health Benefits

Kombucha is a naturally sparkling, fermented tea that is full of living probiotics (‘good’ bacteria), organic acids and vitamins.

The benefits of kombucha essentially come down to three key components: live cultures, organic acids, and antioxidants. Combined, these three powerhouses offer an array of benefits for our all-important gut health as well as overall health and wellbeing.


Live cultures

When kombucha is fermented naturally and kept raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered it contains healthy, living, good bacteria, or live cultures.

Live cultures are great for gut health- which is super critical to overall health and wellbeing. Research has proven how it affects everything from our digestion to our mood.

The live cultures also supply vitamins, minerals and fibre, which the healthy bacteria in your gut use as a food source to produce important metabolites.


Healthy organic acids

Organic acids are produced during the natural fermentation or brewing process of making kombucha. Organic acids are a powerhouse of goodness with proven health benefits which can:

Help suppress appetite
Provide an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut.
Help stabilise blood sugar level
Regulate cholesterol


Kombucha contains naturally occurring polyphenols – nutrients which are rich in antioxidants to help the body fight illness and slow down the ageing process.


Some people find it a healthier substitute for sodas, satisfying that craving for a fizzy drink. So pop in store and pick up some of our Remedy Organic Kombucha and feel the benefits for yourself!