Carles Roquefort

Origin: France

Size: 1.2kg

Milk type: Sheep

Fat content: 45%

Carles is a family business, located in the heart of the village of Roquefort. The Standard Market Company are proud to import this cheese, direct from the atrisanal farm .

Founded in 1927 by François Carles, Maison Carles has always been a family business. Jacques Carles took over the company in 1957 and was joined by his daughter Delphine in 1997. In holding on to the same spirit and passion for cheese making, Delphine Carles continues to work hard to produce exceptional handmade Roquefort cheese, using a secret recipe that has been quietly handed down for the past three generations

Milk is collected every morning from a collective of 20 farms, whose dedication produces milk of superb quality. Purely from the Lacaune breed of sheep, the milk brings to the “king of cheeses” all the fragrance and flavour of the pastures of this region. Carles are the last remaining cheese makers who are still hand making the cheese, from the cutting and handling of the curd to the adding of the mould. The cheeses are matured in one of Carles four natural caves deep in the Combalou Mountains. Here thanks to cool, moist natural air flow through the natural vents in the caves, the Penicillium Roqueforti begins to work the magic.

Roquefort is deliciously sweet and creamy with hints of spice from the veins of green-blue mould. It can be used to make sauces or in salads but is best served on the cheeseboard accompanied by a glass of Sauternes or iced Riesling.

We are now importing this delicious Roquefort and it is available from all three of our Deli’s.