A Healthy Start To Your Day With The Muesli

Looking for a truly healthy, low sugar, start to your day?

The Muesli is just what you’re after. In 2005 Emma Dumas, founder of The Muesli, set about creating a muesli with a nutritional profile that would satisfy any personal trainer (or health conscious person) and not only compliment but enhance a health and fitness program.

The Muesli carries a unique health message that works to educate consumers about what they are putting into their bodies, while offering a premium product that’s at once healthy, affordable and convenient.

The Muesli low in sugar, high in protein and all-important good fats, with classic and gluten free varieties to meet anybody’s needs. The product relies only on the quantity and quality of its raw ingredients for its signature taste. With no added anything; it’s what’s not in The Muesli that makes it special.

The Muesli is simply:
27% raw nuts; almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and brazil nuts.
23% seeds; pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds.
36% rolled oats (Classic) Brown Rice Flakes & Puffed Amaranth (Gluten Free)
And 14% shredded coconut.

This high protein mix has less then 2% sugar and will fill you up until lunchtime. Boasting more than 60% Australian grown ingredients, The Muesli is proudly Australian Owned & Made.

The Standard Market Company was the first Queensland retailer of The Muesli and have been stocking their product for almost 5 years!

If you are yet to try The Muesli, come see what all the rave is about!

Ask for a free sample in any of our Gasworks, Brickworks or James Street stores from Wednesday 24th February (while stocks last).